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Suicide & Grieving


When someone you love dies by suicide you are left in shock, disbelief and confusion. A suicide death is traumatic and can leave someone feeling over whelmed and unable to cope. People respond to traumatic events in their own way, according to their individual coping skills, past experiences and supports. 


Grief after a suicide is complicated by feelings of:

•     Shock and disbelief;

•     Anger and helplessness;

•     Guilt and shame;

•     Depression and sadness;

•     Not knowing why the person committed suicide.

As you grieve you will experience a range of thoughts and emotions. It may be helpful to speak to others who have also lost a loved one to suicide. 

  SRVSS has trained advocates who will provide you with support and information to assist you during this difficult time. Advocates may be requested by the RCMP to attend your residence, at the scene or another location.                                                                                   

If you have not been contacted by Victim Services and you wish to speak with someone, please contact SRVSS at 403-934-6552. 


Additional Information









If you or someone you know is suicidal and has means and a plan to end their life Call 911


Did you know?

Suicide accounts for 24% of all deaths among 15-24 year old's living in Canada.

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