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Our Board:

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Strathmore Regional Victim Services Society Board is comprised of community residents who choose to support the program as part of our governance Board.


Board Members do not have any direct contact with victims, but are still required to provide a criminal records check.


The Board is responsible for ensuring adequate funding is available for the continued operation of SRVSS. 


They work to ensure that SRVSS has a clearly defined mission and vision  by establishing policies and best practices that help SRVSS provide seamless and professional services. Policies will:

  • Articulate and define important objectives, principles or values to meet our mission's purpose

  • Limit or prescribe what kind of action will be taken in different situations

  • Define roles, responsibilities and authority


The Board also works to enhance the program’s visibility and sustainability by sponsoring fundraising and public awareness events in our communities throughout the year.


The Board of Directors meet 9 times a year for two hours. Our Board Members have a variety of backgrounds and experiences, but all have an interest in helping our community. 


For further information on becoming a member of the Board, please contact us to have a Board Application Package sent to you for consideration.

Become a Board Member:

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