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What we do

Crisis Response
Court Preparation & Accompaniment
Information and support

We provide follow-up support through telephone contact with victims of personal crime or tragedy providing case and court updates and information; emotional support and referrals to community agencies for counseling, bereavement and other appropriate supports. 

Volunteer Advocates sign up for 48 - 72 hours per month to provide immediate, on-scene, crisis support to victims of crime and tragedy.

SRVSS also provides information on the criminal justice system through court updates; court orientation for victims and witnesses subpoenaed to testify and court accompaniment during preliminary hearings and trial. 

Community awareness
Victim Impact Statements
Financial Benefits

We actively present to community organizations, schools and corporations to raise awareness about issues facing victims of crime and the services, programs and laws in place to help them and their families. We also work in conjunction with our RCMP detachment partners to offer training and information regarding safety in the community, where applicable.

Once charges are laid, victims have a right to apply for restitution from the offender, if they have suffered financial loss as a result of a crime. Restitution is a way for the offender to repay the victim.

Eligible victims of violent crime in Alberta have a right to apply for Financial Benefits, as an acknowledgement of their victimization. This program is administered under the Victims of Crime Act and Regulation. Benefits are based on the victim’s verified injuries; with the amounts set in the Victims of Crime Regulation. 

As a community citizen, we invite you to call if you require information or referrals to community resources when dealing with concerns of safety, trauma and /or crisis. 


If you feel you are in crisis, please use your

9-1-1 service appropriatley.

Once charges are laid, victims have a right to complete a Victim Impact Statement, as legislated under Section 722 of the Criminal Code of Canada. The victim impact statement is intended to give crime victims a voice in the criminal justice process. A victim impact statement is a written account of the personal harm suffered by a victim of crime. It provides an opportunity to participate in the sentencing of an offender by explaining to the court, and the offender, how the crime has affected them. 

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