Sudden Death and Grieving

The Death of someone close to us is one of life's most stressful events. Each individuals response to grief is different and the time that it takes for a person to move through the grieving process is unique to that individual. 

SRVSS has trained advocates who will provide you with support and information to assist you during this difficult time. Advocates may be requested by the RCMP to attend your residence, hospital or another location. If you have not been contacted by Victim Services and you wish to speak with someone, please contact SRVSS at 403-934-6552. 


Resource Information

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Strathmore Mental Health              403.361.7277

Chestermere Mental Health            403.365.5400

Distress Centre                                    403.266.4357

Eastside Family Centre                     403.299.9696

Grief Support Program                      403.955.8011

Hospice Calgary (Child/Teen)           403.263.4525

Calgary Counselling Centre              403.691.5991

Compassionate Friends                   1.866.823.0141

Sudden Infant Death (SIDS)             403.265.7437

Chief Medical Examiner                    403.297.8123

Wheatland Funeral Home               403.934.5666

Pierson’s Funeral Service                 403.235.3602

Mountain View Funeral Home        403.272.5555

What to do after a death (Government Of Canada)             1.800.277.9914