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Emergency Shelters & Housing

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For a list of Shelters offering assistance to individuals affected by Family Violence, please refer to that resource section.
Men's residential program provides safe accommodations for up to 329 homeless men. At the Centre of Hope, men share accommodations in short-term emergency housing (to a maximum of 90 days). After a short-term stay, men have the option of paying for a transitional (long-term) bed.  403-410-1111
Calgary Drop - In Centre provides essential care as well as health services and housing support to adults experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness. Their programs and services connect people to permanent housing that meets their individual needs.  403-266-3600

Wheatland Crisis Society - Strathmore Shelter  (Provides Shelter and Services for Men & Women) To provide safety, shelter, food, clothing, crisis counseling, referral and advocacy for those impacted by family abuse or in crisis.  403-934-6634

Wheatland Crisis Society

The Mustard Seed meets the immediate needs of those experiencing homelessness by providing individuals with emergency shelter, food, clothing, hot showers, and hygiene supplies.  403-723-9422
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There are 423 emergency shelters and 16,271 permanent beds in Canada

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McMan Housing and Support Services (The Hope Homes program provides housing options and support services to youth 15 - 24 years old who are homeless, or at risk of, homelessness.) McCullough Centre (Offers interim housing for homeless Albertan men with addictions and / or mental health issues.)  780-967-2221


Alpha House  Shelter is set up to provide immediate safety of individuals affected by alcohol and other drug dependencies) The shelter seeks to provide short-term, crisis-oriented emergency shelter 24/7 for adults who are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Clients can access a variety of supports through our shelter services.  403-508-0808

This program helps families to either stay in their existing home or to locate available permanent housing as quickly as possible. The delivery of the service is customized according to a family’s unique circumstances and needs. It may include short-term financial support, landlord mediation, locating new permanent housing as needed, providing temporary emergency shelter if necessary, case management, and coordinated support from local social services and community partners.  403-234-7388
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