Sexual Assault

In Canada, sexual assault is the legal term used to refer to any form of unwanted sexual contact. Forced and unwanted kissing, fondling, sexual intercourse, anal intercourse and oral sex are all examples of sexual assault.

Sexual assault is a crime. The Criminal Code of Canada states a sexual assault occurs when:

  • a person intentionally "applies force" to another person;

  • this is done without the victim's consent or voluntary agreement; and

  • sexual activity is involved.

If consent is obtained through intimidation, pressure, coercion, force, or threats of force - this is not voluntary consent and a sexual assault may have occurred. Consent is also not given if:

  • it is given by someone else

  • the person is unconscious, drunk, stoned, or sleeping

  • it is an abuse of power, trust, or authority

  • a person says no, or their words or behavior implies they mean no

  • a person changes their mind



If you feel you have been sexually assaulted and would like to speak with someone, please call our office at 403-934-6552. You can contact SRVSS even if you have not reported this crime to the Police.

Sexual assaults can result in physical, emotional and psychological harm. Trust, vulnerability and intimacy are seriously impacted when a person is sexually assaulted. Sexual violence can happen in any relationship, when one person has the potential to have power and control over another.


CCASA - Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse

403-237-5888 (12 yrs +)

Calgary Sexual Assault Response Team (CSART)


Distress Centre

403-266-4357 (24 Hr Crisis Line)

Eastside Family Centre


Alberta Childrens Hospital - Child Abuse Services

403-428-5320 (Birth - 17 yrs)