Mental Health

We all need to be aware of our mental health and wellness. Stress, anxiety, depression, and the wear and tear of daily life can contribute to a reduction in our overall mental health. Most of us will face some mental health challenges at times in our life. Some of us will experience mental illness which can be as debilitating as any physical illness or injury.

Fortunately there are many things that we all can do to help restore mental balance, build resilience, improve coping, and contribute to a greater sense of overall well-being.

Links on this page lead to many resources that can assist you in learning about mental health care or can direct you to crisis services for those in need.  Your family doctor is often a good source of help as well.


If you would like to speak with someone, SRVSS is here to offer you support, information and resources. Please call our office at 403-934-6552


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Mental Health Helpline


Distress Centre                                  403.266.4357 (24 Hr Crisis Line)

Access Mental Health


Strathmore Mental Health              403.361.7277

Chestermere Mental Health            403.365.5400

Strathmore Hospital


Peter Lougheed Centre


Eastside Family Centre                    403.299.9696

Calgary Counselling Centre             403.691.5991

Adult Indigenous Mental Health