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Family Violence


Family violence is often referred to as domestic abuse or spousal abuse. It involves the controlling behavior of someone who is close to you and can include any intentional or reckless act that causes injury, property damage or intimidation to yourself or a family member. Examples of acts of domestic abuse can include:

  • Physical abuse (Hitting, punching, kicking, strangulation and other forms of physical violence)

  • Sexual Assault

  • Forced Confinement

  • Stalking and Harassment

  • Threatens to harm you, other people or animals

Many forms of domestic abuse are crimes. Research also shows that violence in the home may have harmful and lasting consequences on the well-being of children. 

If you are impacted by Family Violence, SRVSS can provide you with information and resources. If there is a matter before the courts, SRVSS will be able to provide you with court information and if needed, accompany you and support you through this process.  

Call our Office at 403-934-6552



List of Emergency Shelters - Government of Alberta


Wheatland Crisis Society - Strathmore Shelter     

403-934-6634 (Provides Shelter and Services for Men & Women)

Calgary Emergency Women's Shelter 


YWCA Sheriff King Home 

403-266-0707 (24 Hr Crisis Line)

403-266-4111 (For Shelter Information)

Kerby Rotary Shelter 55+  (Both Men & Women)


Awo Taan Healing Lodge


Discovery House


Mary Dover House


Family Violence Info Line 

403-310-1818 (Alberta Wide Toll Free)

Distress Centre

403-266-4357 (24 Hr Crisis Line)

6,000+ women and children sleep in shelters on any given night because it isn’t safe at home

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